Large Excavator Enclosure

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The all new Digger Lid is here! 

The Large size, to suit most 2 - 4 tonne zero swing machines.

Featuring all the benefits of the original Digger Lid plus the added advantage of full operation of your machine. Don't suffer through another long & wet day, the Clear Digger Lid gives you the comforts of an enclosed cab machine for a fraction of the cost!

Work every wet day this winter and boost your revenue #KEEPWORKINGKEEPEARNING

To find the right Lid for you checkout the enclosure size guide

Get yours today while stocks last!!

Extra Small Small Medium Large
Kobelco SK17SR Caterpillar NG 301.5 Caterpillar NG 301.8 Bobcat E35
Kubota U15 - 3 Caterpillar NG 301.7 Caterpillar NG 302CR Bobcat E45
Kubota U17 - 3 Clark E17Z Clark E17 (conventional) Kubota U25 -3S
Yanmar Vio17 Clark E20 JCB 19C Kubota U27 - 4
Caterpillar 301.7DCR Eurocomach ES18ZT JCB 19CE Kubota U35 - 4
John Deere E18ZS John Deere 17G Kubota KX018-4 Kubota KX121-3
Wacker Neuson EZ17 Hitachi Zaxis 17U Kubota KX016-4 Kubota KX161-3
Huski M-13K Sany SY16 Kubota KX41-3V Takaeuchi TB016
Huski M-16U Takaeuchi TB215R Kubota KX41-2V Takaeuchi TB216
  Takaeuchi TB217R   Takaeuchi TB219
  Volvo ECR18E   Takaeuchi TB135
    CASE CX26C
      Case CX33C'
'2 post' canopies:     CASE CX37C
Case CX17C JCB 18z-1   Hyundai Robex 25z
Hyundai 18z-9a Komatsu PC18MR   Hyundai Robex 27z
New Holland E17c     Hyundai robex 35z
      New Holland E26C
      New Holland E30C
      New Holland E33C
      New Holland E37C
      John Deere 30G
      John Deere 35G
Huski M-22U
Huski M-28U
Volvo ECR25D


- Tough 650gsm PVC coated material

- Opening sides and back with clear plastic windows

- Fully opening front for max vision/ ventilation while operating

- Adjustable fitment via 5 buckle straps to suit a variety of makes and models of conventional swing machines.

- 12v access port allowing you to run your 12v accessories to the outside of your machine, like beacons.

- Side opening vent to ensure the Digger Lid does not interfere with your machines cooling system

- Fully double-sided zip for quick and easy side entry.

- Brass eyelets to tie down securely during storage.

Why choose Diggerlid

Digger Lid provide a range of simple products designed to protect your machine and operator from the weather. 


Cheers to the team at Digger Lid for the fast delivery of 6 sets of these caps to keep some of our gear clean & protected.

Hello Hire Australia

To be completely honest, it’s a great product and the quality is unreal for the price.

In an open backyard it’s been perfect to stay dry and out of the wind.

I personally had to remove it in recent times because of some tight access jobs and has a few blind spots as expected but it will be going back on.

Bradley Deed from Deedy;s Diggers